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(Psst, check this out)

2011-09-30 03:03:14 by ASP

So yeah, I've started making videos again. In between making flashes (plenty coming soon, and I mean it this time), I'm making short, live-action vids as well that won't waste much of your time. Down below is the first vid of my new channel, GreatWhiteShork.

Like, Favourite, and definitely SUBSCRIBE because there will be plenty of better, longer and uncut vids coming soon!

nekked girlz insyde (But seriously, check this out)

This place hasn't changed a bit! Check this post for a quick vid

2011-04-25 02:46:10 by ASP

I'm drifting far away from this place. This is me dipping my toe in.

And as I promised, here's somethin I made yesterday.

P.S. I only played Portal like once, so don't expect me to get the details spot on.

I'll get back to flash soon. Soon.

13 seconds of xKore and AfterEffects

2011-03-11 20:41:21 by ASP

And around 2 hours of time to kill while watching TV.

This is a good enough excuse to make a post, right?

Oh hey a new short

2011-01-19 08:02:59 by ASP

Remember that cookie jar flash that I was working on a while ago then got lazy and never did it?

And then I found out some other guy made a quickie in like a day and currently holds the number 16 spot for Best Flash Ever?

That's right, I'm a jew.

But more importantly;

/* */
Ta da!

I got 4 vids to make this year (2 animations, 1 live action/animation crossover and 1 fully live action). Maybe you'll see a tad more of me this time round.

New Flash Soon + Suggestions Anyone?

2010-06-18 06:00:49 by ASP

Watch As I Make Every Word A Capital Letter To Piss People Off.

Man that's anoyying...

NEW FLASH COMING SOON! Inspired by my unexpected daily 4th, which was followed by an unexpected weekly 10th, which was followed by an even MORE unexpected front page. Love you guys.

So yeah, I found an NG clip which hasn't been used in any flash and started to animate it.

To be honest, I like how it's coming out, and I will spend this weekend trying to finish it off. HOPEFULLY it will be done by Tuesday.

OH, and I feel like making another Jim animation (refer to Problem vs Power) but I don't know what to base it on. Another quote? A rhetorical question?

Leave suggestions in the comment section BEELLOWWWW.

New Flash Soon + Suggestions Anyone?

Uploaded a quick new flash

2010-06-03 07:02:36 by ASP

Enjoy this crap.

Been almost a year or something since I've done anything on this site.

The swine flu flash was a dead end. Duh.

TBC series will go on.... one day.

The CC series I got in mind is gonna kick ass, though... let's hope I'm not a lazy fucker with it.

GrowBot will prolly get done in the next year or so; granted I find time.

I started chronically pumping another flash out of my ass for school (so I set the bar REALLY low) but then it whored out on me and made me lose about half a minute of hard ass animation, and I missed the deadline, so I gave up.

And..... THAT'S IT!

Well not really, I'm partaking in a collab on MCnet, I'm taking care of the animation and a bit of art.

Ok that's it now.

And a picture so this post is more enjoyable.

OH: My watchlist (NG-wise)

Mandess Combat 10 - I just know I'm gonna love it.

BunnyKill 5 - Once upon a time, Mottis showed me a test clip from it and it looked pretty fucken sweet. Besides, BunnyKill inspired me to animate.

Last of the Dashkin 2 - There are only like 2 or 3 vague screenshots somewhere on the brackenwood forums (I think), but they look amazing; hard to believe it's frame by frame.

And that's it. I haven't seen a lot of NG flashes recently but the ones I have seen set the bar for me and my animation skills.

Have a screenshot of nothing.

Uploaded a quick new flash

Unfortunately, I'm gonna be months late once I'm done...


See? Told ya I'd be late!

If you are unaware about the whole Swine Flu pandemic, you've been living in your parents basement for far too long.

The voice actor I have for this flash is (Ergo) Engan and my god he does an incredible job. Like, really, fantastic. So far I've completed 1126 full frames and my god it's looking amazing. As for how late I am, and will be, I'll tie that in there somewhere...

In other news, my madness collab with the one and only FATSHARK has hit a solid, 10 foot thick cement wall as I haven't heard from him. It won't come out this Madness Day (september 22nd) but surely it will come out next year.

Finally, the flash series that I've started 6 times and failed 6 times, The Broken Clan, is not going to come out as an animation series, due to lack of inspiration. Instead, I'll make it into a comic, presented in flash form. There are several advantages to this:

1. Better artwork
2. Clearer story
3. More detail
4. Not relying on voice actors (and such)
5. Not looking for SFX
6. Sooner release dates

If it does happen (most likely will), it'll be a 12 part series (pushed up from 6 part. Wow.). In the meantime, drown in the stupidty which is Extinction Friction - Swine Flu.

Several updates: Flash, TBC and an IMAGE!

New Flash Out!!

2009-04-29 08:06:55 by ASP

Catastrophe on the High Seas is out! A school project, I guess you could call it!

Damn it's been a while since I've uploaded anything...

'Cos you see, it's a short flash here but it was a pretty huge deal at school for a couple of weeks.

Anywho, watch it, 5 it (because that's all we do nowadays).

On a side note, I'm starting The Broken Clan for the 7th time.

Wish me luck.

New Flash Out!!

Calling All Wrestling Fans!!!!!

2008-12-09 00:38:18 by ASP

Wrestling United is a new forum dedicated to wrestling of all kinds (TNA, WWE, Indy International...). So please join up.

On a completely unrelated topic, I released a minor project over the year if you give a damn:
-::Rolling On::-

And enjoy an update of GAWAYC :)

Calling All Wrestling Fans!!!!!

New animation and New intro's!

2008-11-23 02:56:01 by ASP

Well, actually for the third time, I'm restarting Gawayc, a random flash.

This time, though, everything will be nice, simple and very cinematic so good luck for this time.

In other news, you'll be seeing 1 of the 3 new animated intro's I've made.

Sorry about the link. Stupid spam the web isn't working...I'll wait 'till next time.

New animation and New intro's!