Oh hey a new short

2011-01-19 08:02:59 by ASP

Remember that cookie jar flash that I was working on a while ago then got lazy and never did it?

And then I found out some other guy made a quickie in like a day and currently holds the number 16 spot for Best Flash Ever?

That's right, I'm a jew.

But more importantly;

/* */
Ta da!

I got 4 vids to make this year (2 animations, 1 live action/animation crossover and 1 fully live action). Maybe you'll see a tad more of me this time round.


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2011-01-19 11:23:55

lol, I think you should've shot him and made a mess of it :D It'd be funnier :)

ASP responds:

dead kids? naa... too much political incorrectness goin on in there


2011-01-30 11:15:29

I don't get why people are downvoting this because "it was already released" This flash is far better in terms of animation, transitions, everything basically. And by their logic, every video game spinoff should be downvoted because "it's been done before"

ASP responds:

We should also flag and removes dozens upon dozens of madness flashes because they use the same paragonx9 tracks. Perhaps even burn every movie ever because a fade to black 'has been done before'. I seriously gotta start putting the Authors Comments WITHIN the friggin flash...