Entry #30

(Psst, check this out)

2011-09-30 03:03:14 by ASP

So yeah, I've started making videos again. In between making flashes (plenty coming soon, and I mean it this time), I'm making short, live-action vids as well that won't waste much of your time. Down below is the first vid of my new channel, GreatWhiteShork.

Like, Favourite, and definitely SUBSCRIBE because there will be plenty of better, longer and uncut vids coming soon!

nekked girlz insyde (But seriously, check this out)


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2011-09-30 06:06:31

that was cute xD

i wish i could make videos- but i have no camera Dx

what kind of live action vids will you be making~?

ASP responds:

Anything that lets us act like idiots on camera, or whatever lets me toy around with special effects.

Also, use a phone camera or something, it's still fun as hell!


2011-09-30 16:35:47

Where dem girlz at?

ASP responds:

Come to my windowless van, boy... I'll show ya...